Welcome! My name is Paige :)

I am 23 years old and the mother of 2 little princesses; Riley and Andi. I have been blessed with the most amazing support system throughout this new journey and wouldn't know where I would be without my family and close friends.

As much as I love blogging, I have a new found love for vlogging as well! Watch all my mommy, baby, and toddler related videos on YouTube at youtube.com/borntobesahm.

 My boyfriend Ruben, and the father of my children, and I have been together since 2008 and he's been the most loving and caring dad to Riley and now Andi. I am extremely grateful for all the hours he puts into working full time, allowing me the ability to stay at home to take care of our two girls myself.

 I wouldn't consider myself a "teen mom", although I did have my first child at the age of 19; I would say that I am a young mother, hoping to be a successful parent to 2 little girls, sharing my experiences and helpful tips that I've come across to any other young moms who may come across this blog.

I hope that I am lucky enough to connect to at least one other mother and possibly make her life a little easier by sharing some of the things I've learned.