Thursday, January 15, 2015

the worst five days ever

Fall and Winter are my favorite times of the year. Cool air, changing leaves, holidays that ensure tons of family time... There's only one downside, flu season.

I wish I could say that we get through flu season without a breeze, but I don't think we ever do. This year has been the worst for us so far. Not only did we get hit with the stomach flu, a few colds, and stuffy noses that don't seem to go away... We also got the real deal, the flu. I can't remember the last time I had the flu. It's freakin terrible. Wanna know what's worse? Getting lice at the same damn time.

This past Friday, Riley woke up saying she didn't feel good. She's had this nasty cough that she can't seem to shake, I thought maybe it was bothering her. So I kept her home from school. Later on in the day we went to Souplantation with my mom, but Riley didn't want to eat. If you know Riley you'll know that 1) she LOVES Souplantation, every time she sees it she begs me to take her there to eat, and 2) Riley can get down with her food. I realize I probably just made my kid sound like a little fatty, but my girl can grub. Must be a combo of me and her Daddy ;) I knew that when she didn't want to eat, it was something else that she had. She kept saying her legs hurt, I thought maybe growing pains? Then she got a fever. She ended up falling asleep at my mom's house for a few hours, and then again when we got back home. When she started throwing up I knew it was the flu. She slept most of Saturday and Sunday.

Sunday we had an appointment to go to the Anna and Elsa Boutique in Downtown Disney. I made it back in December and it was going to be a Christmas present to Riley and my niece, Amelia. Since Riley was sick she couldn't go. So I went alone with my sister and my niece. I started feeling feverish while I was out, and ended up throwing up that night as well. Andi came down with a fever the next day, but that's all. Flu gets around faster than a hooker over here. 

she bounces back fast!

Monday morning while Ruben was getting ready for work he told me his head was the "itchiest it's ever been in his life." He can be a bit dramatic sometimes :P But had he not said that, I would've never paid attention to Riley saying that her head was itchy repeatedly. When I went to check her head, I saw the nastiest bug crawling around, and I just about threw up. I didn't know just how bad it was until I started coming out her hair... I'll spare you the details, but it was horrific.

As a mother, all you can feel is bad. My kid had the worst bout of the flu and she had lice at the same time. I couldn't believe our luck. 

My main focus was the lice. I had to treat her head 3 times to get rid of all of the LIVE bugs. The eggs were another story, but at least I still had some time for them. I'm not gonna lie, I almost lost my marbles a couple times. I swear I thought these bugs were reproducing as I was combing them out. 

And here we are today, Riley is finally feeling better from the flu and we're 80% rid of the lice! We still have to comb through her hair every day for a while, but that's what's necessary to rid them for good. She may have had to miss school for a week, but I'm sure her teachers and classmates will thank me later.

this is how I knew she was feeling better, LOL

I'm going to work on a separate post about how I treated the lice, I went through some trial and errors so I think sharing what worked could help if lice ever hits one of your babes. But I really hope it never does.


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  1. Oh my god! Poor little thing. And poor mama! Taking care of sick babes is one thing, but when you are sick yourself?! Omg... Ariana also got some kind of stomach flu She threw up maybe three times and slept a whole lot. Then she was feeling better. I would def throw up if I saw things crawling... You are so awesome. Lol about souplantation. Ariana says it's her favorite too. And wow Andi! Maybe Mama's milk had something to do with that :)