Thursday, January 15, 2015

let's catch up?

I'm a little disappointed in myself. I had a direction for this blog when I first created it, and I've steered slightly off course and it's definitely not something that I can say I'm proud of. Blogging has always been something I enjoy, but I don't like to feel forced into posting. I've put too much pressure on myself to try and come up with posts that I think people would enjoy reading- yes, it would be nice if people enjoyed reading my blog posts, but I can't say that I always enjoy reading them. Sounds weird, I know.

On our old family blog, I used to just post updates about what was going on with us. Riley and Andi's development when they were babies, family outings and holiday parties, and a crap load of pictures.

I enjoy using this as my outlet for all things Mommy related, but I also want to write posts like I used to. I feel a blog revamp coming soon... o.O

So since this is going to be a catch up post, I hope you have a few snacks handy or maybe a cup of coffee, because this post is about to get lengthy... You've been warned.

Let's start with Riley. The last school update I did on Riley was when she was in a developmental class that she went to 3 days a week when she turned 3. She was there for almost a whole year, and boy did she learn a lot. I didn't even realize how much she actually learned until she got ready to go to preschool this past September and the teachers said that Riley passed more tests on the first day than any of the kids they've ever had attend their school. *que proud Mommy moment* I can't take all of the credit though, the class she was going to before her school now helped A LOT. Riley has only been in preschool for 4 months and she's half way through the kindergarten curriculum. My girl ;) She also loves coming home to do her homework, she practically begs me the second we leave her school. Hoping this habit sticks with her until she graduates from college :D

As far as behavior and social interaction goes, well, everyone has their flaws. Riley is overall a decently behaved kid. I mean she is a 4 year old, GIRL, and she most definitely is growing into her attitude awfully fast. But she also has a very kind heart and likes to see people happy, so she's easily influenced. This is something I can see us working on with her for a while.

This month is when we're supposed to start looking into schools for kinder, though I already have my eye on the one I want her to go to. And it just so happens to be our home school. YAY! I can't believe I'm already getting prepared to sign her up for kindergarten, this is real life guys.

Now for Andi, my little monkey girl. Also known as my little sour patch kid. This little babe is one firecracker of a 2 year old. She is still my loving, cuddly little princess, but she is also the complete opposite when she wants to be. Hence, sour patch kid... "first they're sour, then they're sweet." There are some days I feel like I can't even catch a break because she's such a tiny terror, she gives terrible twos a whole new meaning. But she's also proven to be the most loving kid any of us has ever known, and she's pretty much always happy. I've also never met a more fearless kid- nothing scares this girl! She's starting to speak more clearly these days, making it easier for us to understand her. And her sponge brain is coming in, which means she's picking up on things fast. We haven't started potty training yet, but I'm not sure she's ready at the moment. Though she is recognizing when her diaper is dirty and needs to be changed. We're also still breastfeeding, with no end in sight. I'll admit I'm getting a little tired of the night time feedings and some days I feel drained, but I have to keep reminding myself that I'll never have these moments back once they're gone. I'll never have them back, I'll never have them back...

And I suppose I'll give you guys a short update on myself and Ruben ;)

As most may know, I started a new job back in the summer as a server at Applebee's. It's definitely been a challenge starting a job in an unfamiliar field, but hey, the tips make it worth it sometimes. It's also a nice change of pace from sitting by a telephone for 5 hours by myself. Around the same time as starting my new job, Ruben got promoted to a new position and switched branch locations. Switching locations was the only downer, had he stayed where he was, we would've been working right next to each other.

Other than that, we've just been doing normal family things. We like to spend our free days at Disneyland, which the girls and I will never get tired of. Disney lovers at heart! We can be a little boring sometimes, but hoping to change that with the new year here. Maybe we should set up some family goals?

If you stuck around for all that, holy moly, you're awesome!

Thanks for reading guys, hoping to do more of these so you don't have to read a whole novel next time :P


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  1. I loved this post. I don't post what I think others want to read. I'm sure people get bored haha. I write mainly to remind my future self of what life was like when the kids were little... Or else I wouldn't remember very much of it lol. Riley you're so awesome! She is totally ready for kinder! And Andi! I can't wait to hear all the little things she says. Our Disney passes expired and I can't believe we only went once together lol! That's ok. It's exhausting, especially if it's just the two of us. Thanks for catching us up :)