Wednesday, December 3, 2014

traditions, new + old ❅ BLOGMAS, day 2

Last year was the first Christmas we shared in our own place. It was exciting, but a bit overwhelming, figuring out what to buy and how to decorate an apartment for the holidays.

We were also left with starting some of our own traditions as a family of four. I thought back to my childhood and all the things that I remember looking forward to doing around Christmas. Hanging my own ornaments, making a gingerbread house, eating a chocolate every day from my advent calendar, driving around to see all of the beautifully decorated homes; I knew I wanted to share those same memories with Riley and Andi, but also wanted to create some new ones of our own.

+ Collections
I've been collecting a few ornaments for the girls each year since they've been born- this was something I knew I wanted to keep up with because they'll eventually have a huge box of ornaments from throughout the years that they'll get to keep when they have their own families. I have my own box at my mom's house, and all of my ornaments still go up on her tree :) Keep your eyes out for a future post on our favorite ornaments!

My mom also started a collection with Riley last year of pieces from a Christmas village display that they saw at Michael's (local craft store). She has a few of her own now which is going to turn into a Christmas CITY soon enough!
Andi's collection will start next year! What should hers be?

+ Twinkle, the Elf!
I wasn't too sure about the Elf on the Shelf tradition, it can be a tad creepy. But last year "Santa" (Gigi, my mom) dropped Twinkle off on our porch with a cute note. I read the book to the girls and Twinkle watched over us until Christmas, and came back this year! Riley loves waking up in the morning to look for Twinkle, it's a good incentive to get out of her warm bed and start getting ready for school. The only complaint I have about Twinkle, is that she sometimes "comes back" while we're sleeping to the same spot she was the day before. Heh, oopsie.
 Twinkle trying to hitch a ride to preschool with Riley!
+ Advent Calendar
I got an advent calendar every year as a child from a family friend of ours. It was the candy kind, and I was one happy kid getting to eat a guaranteed chocolate every single day. I knew I wanted to share the same tradition with Riley and Andi, so I set off to Pinterest (of course) to look up cute DIY advent calendars. I was really into the ones that had different activities to do each day- writing Santa a letter, watching a Christmas movie, making Christmas cookies, etc. I wanted to do all of that anyway, why not include it in a calendar and let Riley open something new each day? Sadly, it didn't turn out to be a big hit. Neither of the girls really pay much attention to it :( I probably started too young, but it came out so adorable that we're keeping it and using it every year! LOL

+ Outings
This year we are lucky enough to be Disney annual pass holders! Which means we have been soaking up the Disney magic this holiday season as much as possible :) Just walking down Main Street can instantaneously bring joy to your heart and put a smile on your face, and seeing the same feelings come across on your children's faces makes waiting in the longest lines and navigating the enormous crowds well worth it.

Another thing that we look forward to seeing is a local puppet show that takes place at a neighbor's house! I know what you're probably thinking when I say puppet show, but it's so much more than a person in a box with a piece of fabric over their hand. The guys that put this show together are brilliant and insanely talented. They call their puppets "marionettes", there's about 8 of them now and they are all wonderfully created- hand carved and painted! They're amazing. Each one of them dances to their own Christmas themed song; some hilarious and some instilling the Christmas spirit into your hearts as you watch. I vlogged our trip to the show last year during VLOGMAS that you can watch if you click here :)
my favorite marionette!
one amazing UPSIDE DOWN, revolving Christmas tree

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season so far. What are some of your family's traditions?

Until tomorrow,

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  1. I love all the ideas especially thee elf idea! I'm gonna try it out I think the kids will love it