Thursday, December 4, 2014

how being a mom has changed Christmas ❅ BLOGMAS, day 3

Before I had Riley and Andi, I always used Christmas as an opportunity to ask "Santa" for things that I had been really wanting... most of the time those things turned out to be pretty pricey. But I mean, that's a normal response when you're a teenager, isn't it? 

It's crazy how the holidays change once you become a parent and it's your turn to play Santa.

This is my fourth year being Mrs. Claus, and I can honestly say, I still haven't gotten the hang of it. I try every year to give Riley and Andi the kind of Christmas that I've always had. A plethora of presents, stuffed stockings and loads of family time. They deserve the best of everything, and I always aim to give it to them. But that's not always the reality- between Ruben and I, we have a large family. We buy presents for all of our grandparents, our parents, my niece and usually our siblings. Does anyone want to guess how many presents that adds up to? Almost 20. We're lucky to have so many amazing people in your lives, but this is usually the time when I think to myself, "WHYYYYY?!" 

Every year I get wrapped up in buying all of these presents, that I forget what Christmas is really all about. It's about family. Spending time together, creating memories, being grateful for what you do have. It's hard to stay grounded when you constantly see all of these other parents loading up on the gifts for their kids, but you also have to stop and think about how you're making Christmas out to be. I always try to get the girls what they really want for Christmas, but I also don't want them to think that's what Christmas is all about. Because if Riley and Andi never understand the true meaning of the holidays, then I'll have failed as their Mom. The one thing that I can commend myself on teaching the girls is that family is always the most important. And spending time with one another will always be number one during the holiday season, and every season at that!

What's funny is, I always have a mental list of things that I've been secretly lusting over that I'll put on my "wish list". But boy, how different some of the things are now from the things I used to want. Clothes, money and the newest phone have quickly changed to a family planner, new diaper bag and a double stroller.

Oh, the Mommy life... :)

Has Christmas changed for you since becoming a parent? What's on your wish list this year?

It's almost the weekend!


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