Friday, July 25, 2014

a moment of solace

I know it's normal as a human to have bad days- well, lately I've felt as though I've been having bad weeks. Instead of waking up the next morning hoping for a better day than the one before, I have a day that ends up being worse. 

I don't know if I'm just psyching myself out, if this is just another bump in the road, or if the universe just decided to hate me... But I feel as though nothing I've been doing has made me feel better. 

Until today... 

I woke up with barely enough coffee to make for the day, made breakfast for Riley & Andi (that neither of them decided to eat) and watched a few shows with them in hopes of having a relaxing morning. It's been disgustingly hot recently and our apartment tends to heat up by noon, so I was instantly annoyed that we would be stuck inside until Ruben got home from work at 6pm. Riley has been miss sass queen lately and Andi has been terrorizing our living room for about a month, so I was drained of any and all energy by 2pm. 

We kicked Riley's nap time a while ago in hopes of getting her to bed earlier, but lately I've been having her take one if I feel as though she needs a recharge. So today I took my little hooligans into the room and laid down with them- they napped and I caught up on the Kardashians which gave us all an opportunity to relax. 

And then this happened... 

I laid Andi down next to Riley and within a second, Riley rolled over and cuddled with her. Puddle heart. You can't really say you're having a bad day anymore once you witness something like this. And it's hard to be stressed and worrisome when you have something so pure, and loving in your life. 

Being a mom lets you see life, see the world, in a different perspective. It straightens out your priorities in an instant, and makes you feel extremely blessed and grateful. 

"Tough times don't last, tough people do."

Happy weekend babes!



  1. I love this and I totally feel the same. I get so upset that I just want to scream at everyone to hurry up or pick their stuff up off the floor... and then the baby smiles... or Ariana laughs... The anger melts away and they make it all worth it.

  2. btw I must see you soon! We can come over sometime this week! Or you can come!