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5 Things I'd Tell My Pregnant Self + A Few Pregnancy MUST HAVES!

I saw this as a TAG video on YouTube, and since I've just about retired from uploading videos on my channel (aside from the occasional vlog), I decided to do it here! Plus, I also threw in a few things at the end that I would say were definitely my pregnancy must-haves.


1. Take more belly pictures!
I was only 19 when I was pregnant with Riley, and I literally only knew one other person that was also having a baby at a young age. I'm not going to say I was ashamed, because I wasn't. I didn't like to be judged, still don't, but who does? I spent most of my pregnant days inside, watching TV, and stuffing my face like any normal future mama. If it weren't for Ruben's mom I probably wouldn't have any pictures of when I was pregnant with Riley because I didn't take any myself. I'm grateful for her over-bearing pictures for this reason. When I was pregnant with Andi, I didn't have a care in the world about who knew I was pregnant. Interesting the effect 2 years can have on your confidence. I took more belly pictures myself but I still never got around to a maternity shoot, which is still something I really wish I had.

2. Trust your own instincts
When you're a first time mom, (heck, even a second time mom) people will always feel the need to give you advice from many of their own life experiences. While this may be helpful for you in some cases, most of the time it just ends up clouding your own judgment. Don't be afraid to ask for help or advice when you need it, but always follow your heart when making a decision.

3. Research more about breastfeeding
Having your first babe is stressful... super stressful. Between making sure their newborn clothes and blankies are properly washed, bed set up, swing/stroller/car seat assembled- and then figuring out if you're planning to breastfeed or formula feed and having all of the necessities for either- sheesh, I bet you already have a headache. I was able to breastfeed with Riley for 3 months until my supply eventually dried up on its own, most likely because I was supplementing with formula, which is something that I wouldn't recommend if you're hoping to go the distance. The second time around was much easier, and I'm still happily nursing with Andi at 20 months! Had I researched a tiny bit more the first time, I'm sure I would've been just as successful.

4. Choose your battles wisely
For our first few months of parenthood, I wanna say 80% of the time was spent arguing with Ruben about the most unimportant things. So unimportant, that I can't even remember ONE of the fights we had. Becoming a parent made me super controlling about any and all things that had to do with Riley- I never let anyone make a decision for her or even listened to others' advice half of the time. And Ruben's opinion was always irrelevant, because in my eyes, if I barely knew what I was doing he DEFINITELY didn't know a thing. I was wrong on many occasions- Ruben turned into a fantastic father and I'm so happy that Riley & Andi have him as a Daddy.

5. Let your voice be heard
There were many instances where I wish I had spoken up and been more confident in myself and my decisions as a mother. A few of the times were when I was pregnant- I can recall one particular appointment that I went to (pregnant with Riley) and my OB told me I was gaining too much weight (this was when I hit the 20 lb mark, btw) and basically needed to stop eating so much. I so badly wanted to be like, "Um, this is my first pregnancy and my 110 lb body isn't exactly used to carrying another person around. Ya bissssh." But really, that made me feel like Shamu. There's also been times at pediatrician offices, in public, and around family. I avoid confrontation at all costs, but I definitely shouldn't be so passive when it comes to my life and my children's lives.

And as promised, here are a few of my favorite
Pregnancy MUST-Haves

+ Bellaband
Let me just say, whoever thought of this extraordinary idea... BRA-VO. I practically lived in my bellaband! I was small so I was in-between regular and maternity clothes. Most maternity clothes were too big for me, so being able to use my bellaband with my pre-baby shorts and jeans was a huge lifesaver. It can also be used post-baby when you're still trying to lose the extra lbs. :)

+ Reusable nursing pads
This was more of a post-pregnancy must-have but it was definitely a MUST-HAVE. If you're thinking about breastfeeding I highly, highly, highly recommend investing in a pack or two. I used mine daily up to a year and still use them every now and then if I know I'll be gone for more than a few hours. I even used them for cleaning up spit up when I needed something quick, you honestly can't go wrong. The ones pictured above are the exact ones I have (you can find them here) but they've come out with SO many cute patterns and designs since then, you won't be able to help yourself.

+ Pregnancy Journal/Blog
 1 / 2 / 3 
Being able to document and write down things that happened while I was pregnant was something that I am extremely grateful for. Whenever I'm feeling nostalgic I like to look back on old blog posts and pictures and reminisce. The blog posts are always my favorite- you can really see how far you and your babes have come which I think will be cool for Riley & Andi to have when they get older. My favorite blogging sites would definitely be Blogger and Tumblr. When I was pregnant, I kept everyone up-to-date with blog posts (a few linked above) and I also had baby books that had a section specifically for your babe's life inside the womb.

What are some things you would tell your pregnant self?

Thanks for visiting, wishing a good week upon you all! :)

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