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Top 10 Reasons Why Young Motherhood ROCKS! | a guest post by Wilde About You

When I discovered Brittany's blog and started reading her posts, I was instantly hooked. Her posts are so funny and relatable, which is always something that keeps me going back for more. I hope you mamas enjoy this special guest post as much as I did :)

 "Hi everyone!

I am SO thrilled to be featured here! I’m a very new, very young, momma leading a very nonconventional life.  I’m quickly learning the joys of parenting and lovin’ every minute of it. Check me out at

Hope you all enjoy!"

Top 10 Reasons 
Why Young Motherhood ROCKS!


Unexpected Pregnancies Have Unexpected Perks 

1. The Body: You’re body is not permanently scarred from the trauma of pregnancy. In fact, “bouncing back” is actually a thing. Oh, and not to mention being in your late-thirties when your child graduates…Yes, you will be that hott mom that all his/her friends have an awkward crush on. Hell yes. (If you have a girl, just do the world a favor and name her Stacy.) 

2. No Excuses: I have nothing to tie me down, which means quality time with my baby. My life is not constantly bogged down by appointments, meetings, deadlines, and the all out ordeal of being a, “grown up.” Every weekend can be a new adventure for my baby and I. It’s legit old-school bonding.
3. Growing Gracefully: Having a baby, at no matter what point in life, grows you up. This year, as my friends entered college I’ve watched what’s happened to their lives. They have fallen into the cycle of nonstop parting, been raped, battled addictions with drugs and alcohol, and dealt with eating disorders. Of course there will always be moments of jealously towards my friends who get to spend their weekends partying completely carefree. But, lets be honest here. Ultimately, the destroyed family relationships, and horrible mental and physical side effects that come from that are all things people regret later in life. I skipped all that, and got right to the good stuff: quality time with the people I love.

4. Baby smiles: There is nothing so great as to have a person who smiles whenever they see you and only you. And I don’t mean the half-assed smile most of us now give our parents. I mean this:

5. Trendy Baby: We young mommas feed of off pop culture. If you think you have fun shopping for yourself – imagine finding all that stuff in mini-size. In all actuality, shopping for baby clothes is a life-changing experience. Adorable child + trendy hipster outfits = serious stud muffins. The good news is that the world can never have enough studly children

6. It's Healthy: Having a baby young is healthier for both you and you baby. Not only is recovery from childbirth a lot easier, but the risk of genetic disorders is almost nonexistent. 

7. Massive Motivation: I recently read an article about a young woman who decided to terminate her pregnancy. She said, “I’m starting to see life with wider eyes. Terminating my pregnancy has instilled in me a drive to do and see absolutely everything this great world has to offer.” The idea of not being able to achieve my dreams because of my baby kept me awake at night during my pregnancy. But, I got lucky and I’ve found that this is not that case. Motherhood gives you an everlasting motivation to do, learn, and experience everything. But, where as before you wanted to do all those things strictly for yourself, now you want to do them to benefit yourself and another person, which ultimately leads to a happier, more fulfilled life.

9.  Fiyah Powah: Being a young mommy gives you superpowers. In case you were not aware of this amazing side effect, a few of the possible superpowers gained include: insomnia, multi-tasking to the extreme, cry-translator, etc. 

10. Easy-peasy Delivery: Childbirth was a breeze. I giggled the whole time. (Ok, that probably had more to do with the fact that I was completely full of epidural juice. But still, I can apply the point, right?) Recovery was great too; within a week I felt fine. In the words of my lovely OBGYN, “Damn you young ones and your super vaginas.”

11. Present Purpose: Your 20’s is all about discovering yourself, who and what you're meant to be. While I haven’t fully done either of those things, I have a great sense of purpose in my life. Motherhood doesn't limit your ability to experiment with your life, it just gives you a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. 

12. Everlasting Energy: Young mommies are like little energizer bunnies. No joke. We go nonstop, and it doesn't phase us. I was so pleasantly surprised when all those, "oh so terrible" midnight feedings didn't suck. In fact, call me crazy, there were some nights where I quite enjoyed the extra time together. Now, my 3 months old sleeps through the night better than I do. 

13. More time: Ultimately, I’ll get 10-20 more years with my baby that I wouldn’t have gotten had I not had kids until my late thirties, as planned. And to me, even if that was the only perk, it’d be worth it

I know, you guys love her now too, right?! ;)

Please be sure to check out her blog, I can promise you there is more where this post came from.

Happy Memorial weekend loves!

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  1. I can totally relate to her! 2, 3 7, 12! I have definitely experienced just about every feeling she's described here and she put them so beautifully! Being a young mom is so much better than being older and more tired and busy. Love her! Thanks for sharing, Paige!