Thursday, May 22, 2014

My 3 Favorite Instagram Shops (for little girls) | A Guest Post by @helloitsmari

Hello, mamas! I hope everyone has had a fantastic week, and don't worry if you haven't, it's almost the weekend!

Today I am happy to share that a fellow mommy blogger, Maricela, will be guest posting (my first ever guest blogger, by the way!) today and sharing her top 3 Instagram shops- complete with adorable pictures of her little princess, Delilah.

Hope you all enjoy, and please make sure to check out her blog and her Instagram account!
Hey guys! So my name is Maricela I'm here to write a blog about my favorite Instagram shops and supporting small businesses! But first I want to do a mini introduction - Again my name is Maricela, I'm engaged, have a daughter, and I'm a SAHM. I love to dress up my daughter, watch her do gymnastics, and just hanging out with my fiancĂ© after a long day is what I call perfect! And of course I love shopping for my little one on these awesome Instagram shops which is why I'm here writing this post!

Alright! So I want to start off by saying that I am a big supporter and advocate for small businesses! I understand that some shops are a bit pricey and a lot of people think " why am I going to pay that money when I can make it myself," BUT people don't understand that some of these shops depend on this money. They take their time making, packaging, and sending them out only to have some extra cash to take their kids out or just not to be living pay check to pay check. Whatever the reason is people need to be a little bit more reasonable and thoughtful to these lovely moms taking time away from their kids. And I would like to say I appreciate your hard work! -Delilah is wearing a flower halo by @comolaflorhalos and shorts made by @maliasthreads both on Instagram!

So with all that being said I'm finally ready to start my 3 favorite Instagram shops!

I want to start with this beautiful flower crown made by @nanistribe on Instagram. This mom just opened her Instagram shop not too long ago and I need to say she does amazing! She puts in nothing but hard work and love into her beautiful flower crowns. I love the detail of the flowers - they look so realistic! This mom wants to eventually carry apparel for both girls, and boys and she sees herself opening her own physical shop sometime in the future! Please go check out her amazing work! She treated me with lots of love and respect and I truly appreciated that! And I definitely trust her work!

Next up is this super cute leotard by @thestripedfig on Instagram. I don't even think I need to say much, it says it all on its own! But either way I will! This lovely lady also puts thought and hard work into her stuff she appreciates every customer and comments back so quick and fast which I definitely loved! That definitely shows how much she appreciates her customers! I received my package quick and she wraps it with so much love putting a cute note in every package. I mean c'mon! How awesome is that! Anyways! This leotard just goes with everything it can be worn for dance, gymnastics class, or just to play around the house! It's so versatile you just slip some shorts or jeans and you're little one is ready. PLEASE check out her work she has so much more beautiful apparel for both girls and boys, and some super cute flower crowns to go with this super cute leotard!

Lastly, the Rananculus Flower Moccs! Made by @mybeautifulittleshop on Instagram. This mom is also so amazing! Duh! That's why she's on my top 3! She's so active always having amazing giveaways and asking her customers for opinion on names for different moccs and what not! She has so many different styles, and colors; for both girl and boys! So worth every penny! Go check her out I promise you wont regret!!!

So thank you to @borntobeasahm for letting me write this blog, and all the Instagram shops I have mentioned today; @comolaflorhalos, @maliasthreads, @nanistribe, @thestripedfig, & @mybeautifulittleshop. Thanks again for your hard work, keep it up! And guys please check them out!

-Maricela, & Delilah (@helloitsmari)

© All images from this post are owned by @helloitsmari

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