Sunday, May 25, 2014

Life Before My Babes... | R.R.R mini series with LipstickAndALittleLady pt.2

Are you all ready for question 2?

If you haven't read part one to this series, you can check that out here :) I shared my reaction to finding out I was pregnant with Riley (my first born).

What is your craziest & most exciting memory from a time before motherhood and having a family?


If we're all being honest here, I couldn't tell you a "crazy" memory that sticks out in my mind during my pre-babes life. Yes, I got into mischief- I was a rebel teen. But as far as crazy goes, I didn't do much of that. I hardly went to high school parties; there was way too much drama surrounding them. And most of the time I was in trouble anyways, so I stayed home and just hung out. I'm a home body. My favorite memories before having kids was just relaxing while watching One Tree Hill reruns with Ruben, taking naps and finding new things to do together. It was baby-free bliss. I've been finding myself reminiscing on those times recently, such a simple life. But I wouldn't go back in a second, or even for a second... I love our life together now, more than ever.

And because I love me some throwback pictures, here's a few from life before mamahood:

I was probably the worst Jasmine in existence, but that was still my favorite costume I've ever worn. Especially because I had a spikey-haired Aladdin to dress up with ♡

Thanks for reading, part 3 and the last question will be up tomorrow!

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