Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Keeping The Flame Lit | R.R.R. mini series with LipstickAndALittleLady pt.3

I've had a lot of fun participating in this mini series with Ashlen- thank you for allowing me to be your first featured blogger on your brand new blog series! To see the first two questions from Ashlen + answers, you can click here and here.

And to see the questions I asked her, check out her blog here :)

I saved the best, for last...

Are there ever days where it feels like the passion in your relationship is all fizzled out? Or, how do you keep the flame lit?

No relationship is perfect, and everyone has their ups and downs. Ruben and I have gone through many, many hurdles to get to where we are today- as a family, as individuals, as parents and as a couple. But as far as ever feeling like the passion ever fizzled out... never. I've never felt that way. Why? Because if there was ever a moment where I no longer felt passionate about our relationship, or even our family unit, I wouldn't stick it out just because we have 2 kids together. In my opinion, passion is a major part of keeping a relationship happy and healthy. There are obviously times where I feel as though maybe we aren't making our relationship a priority, it happens. Usually when I start to feel that way, I'll make sure we have time to ourselves. Go see a movie, plan a Disney date, stay up late after the kids go to sleep, spend more time listening to how each others' day went, help with little things you wouldn't normally do, random surprises (this is always my fave to do), etc. I don't always express my feelings in the right ways, so these are just some of the things that I do to show Ruben how much I love, appreciate and care for him.

and when he sends me pictures like this while he's working never hurts either ❤∞

Thanks for sticking around for this series! I hope you've enjoyed reading what I've had to say as much as I've enjoyed writing about everything.

Until next time,

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