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Confessions of a... Single Mother | A Blog Series with RadAndRebellious

I'm so happy that Vanessa & I have been successful for a second week with our blog series!

"Confessions of a..."

Before I share the 3 confessions that I have for this week, I just want to take a second to thank all of the mamas that have sent in to either Vanessa or I for this series. I truly appreciate your courage to share your stories with other moms- you never know when it could help someone else heal or just feel better knowing they're not alone in this journey that we all call motherhood. And if you are just an active reader of this series, thank you to you as well! I hope you all have been enjoying it so far. :)

This week we asked for confessions from single moms. Though I may not be a single mom myself, I am the product of a single mom. I know the struggle, the heartache, the strength, and the sacrifice. I witnessed it first-hand with my mom for almost 10 years. I applaud all of you mamas that are doing the same.

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Confessions of a Single Mother...


 01. from @ohmy_nica
" I have been raising my son on my own since the day he was born, which was a little over a year ago. right now, my son and I are sick with the flu and instead of working this weekend, I'm, at home taking care of the both of us. Now, the last couple of days have been a little emotional to say the least and any parent who has to take care of a sick child when they aren't exactly their best... well I'm sure they can relate. Watching my son suffer is truly heartbreaking... vomiting and diaper rash because of his diarrhea, the fact that he isn't his wild, ornery, silly self. Then, he lies next to me almost and if he needs me for comfort and it makes me feel incredibly loved. He just doesn't want to leave my side and I can't get over the bliss of needing someone as much as they need me. Then I receive a text message... from who better than his father! I haven't spoken to him since 2 days after this last Christmas... discussing, what else, child support. He didn't get his son a gift for Christmas. He didn't even contact me on our son's birthday. Instead, he contacts me nearly 2 weeks after our son's birthday to ask me about the child support paperwork he received in the mail. I was filled with rage as I'm washing all of the blankets, towels and clothes my son had just puked all over. And every time he contacts me, I think to myself "my mistake." And I try to forgive myself for the fact that my child has a less than deserving father. And as hard as it has been the last couple of days, I couldn't help but think "his loss." He doesn't get to feel this kind of love and he misses out on a wonderful child. Either way, I could never hate him because I love someone who is a piece of him and I'm grateful for this little person who makes life so much harder, yet so much better. I think the biggest thing about being a single parent is to remember how lucky we are to have our children. Times may be difficult and test our resilience but we remain strong for our babies because they need us. I wouldn't change one thing about my life. Love, Danica and Nikolai.

 02. from @marytuner
I will always dread the moment that my baby boy will come home from school and ask me why he doesn't have a daddy. I'll have to tell him in a way he understands that his daddy wasn't ready to be one. It breaks my heart that I wasn't able to give my son a proper dad. But it also motivates me to love him twice as much. To work twice as hard. To be there for him twice as much. And I also hope that it'll make him twice as strong.

03. from @ana_salemz_xo
I'm a single mother and have been since I was 2 months pregnant with this little man. I left my son's father due to fighting. I didn't want my son in the environment or around it. He just decided not to be apart and when Derek was 10 months old he decided to be part of his life. It does get frustrating because his dad only seems him once a month or every couple of months and he doesn't help financially at all. To me being a single mother has it's challenges but honestly I wouldn't want it any other way. What I find hard is how do I explain it to him as he gets older. Some days are harder than others and I feel like breaking down but in my mine and eyes I can't. Everything I do is for my son, he has changed me to be a better person most important he taught me how to be strong. He makes being a single mom fun because he does bring so much happiness and love in my life. It's a little hard to explain what it's like or how it is being a single mother let alone a parent unless you are in their shoes. Working or having 2 jobs and goes to school and trying to balance time with your little one. One thing that I am thankful for is all of the moral support and help I get from my family. I'm proud to be a single parent."

Again, thank you to all the amazing mamas that sent in a confession to myself or Vanessa. I hope everyone enjoyed this week's series of  "Confessions of a Single Mother"- stay tuned for a new topic next week! I look forward to reading more of what you babes have to say :)

Hoping everyone is having a fun + safe Memorial weekend! ☼

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