Saturday, February 1, 2014

{Review}: Lyrics Bowtique ♡

Today I am happy to review my friend Kelsey's adorable bow shop that she started on Etsy! I'm such a sucker for cute bows, I think any mom with little girls would be.

Kelsey was kind enough to send over some of her fabric bows for Riley, Andi & I to review! We LOVE them, and you'll see why...
These were the items that were sent to us, + 2 black bows with silver polka dots, one with a clip and one on a headband. You'll see those pictured on Riley and Andi below.

My first impression when I saw these bows were that they were PERFECTLY made. I've made a few fabric bows before and they did not come out like these ones. Majority of her bows made are 3.5 x 2.5 inches, the fabric is great quality and the clip used (should've taken a picture of the back, dang!) was sturdy and didn't feel or look like it would fall off after many uses. All of her bows are extremely affordable considering all the love that was put into making them. I believe the ones we have are around $5 or under; prices vary on style and fabric.

Since receiving these in the mail, I've styled them a few different ways in Riley's hair. I would say that I like the way these bows look in her hair when her hair is up in a bun, or half up-half down. I styled it with a braided ponytail one day and the bow looked a little stiff on top of her head, I definitely think ribbon bows look best with ponytails.

 The headbands were also wonderfully made, and I actually really liked the thin elastic band. I noticed that Andi didn't immediately try to rip it off her head, which to me said that it must've been so comfortable she didn't even notice it was there! And she looked so cute wearing them, she even adored herself in the mirror when we first tried them on... Wonder where she got that from. ;)

The last thing that we received were a pack of Kelsey's fabric earrings! I wish I had my ears pierced still so I can try them, but sadly my ears hate me and closed my piercings a while ago :( Riley has her ears pierced so I'll just let her rock them instead!

What do you guys think? Super freaking cute, right? And don't worry, if you have a little stud, she makes BOW TIES! I know... her shop is awesome. Her bow ties are made with brooch pins, and I believe are 3.5 x 2.5 inches as well as all the other bows.

You can find Lyrics Bowtique on Etsy here!

And, don't forget to follow the shop on...
Instagram: lyricsbowtique
Instagram (for the available fabrics): lbfabric

Here are some of my faves from her shop:

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  1. those are adorable! I wish I could make these