Friday, January 17, 2014

Flashback Friday: Riley's Evolving Style ♔

I always get so nostalgic sitting at work and looking back on pictures- when I see pictures of Riley when she was 1, or even 2, I think about how much she has changed and how I can barely remember her as a "little girl". She is no longer a little girl, but a little LADY!

I decided to share some of my favorite pictures of Riley's outfits from birth to present. I'm hoping that I'll be able to do the same for Andi one day.

 My little Laker fan! From day one, Riley has been decked out in all of her Daddy's favorite sports teams. And those shoes, seriously guys, I have those ready for Andi when she can fit into them!

 This was her "2 year old photoshoot" that took place 4 months after her birthday, heh, oops! Nonetheless, she still looks just as adorable as ever! My favorite shot of the day :)

This was Riley's "Easter/6 month photoshoot" with one of our friends, Dakota. My 1/4 Hawaiian little babe!
 Another shoot with Dakota, for Valentine's Day! She was 16 months in this picture, doesn't she look bigger?!

 Can we just take a moment to appreciate the CUTENESS of these boots?!? Again, saved for Andi ;)

 Riley had so many different shoes once she started walking better, Converse were definitely my fave to put on her.

 This picture, solely for the hair! Her ponytail was so short! She has massive amounts of hair these days, keep scrolling to see!

Her "Mexican" outfit that my mom bought for her from Olvera Street, I believe this was taken on Cinco de Mayo.

This sweater, was a well-loved sweater. And those boots! Riley has always loved her a good pair of boots! :P

Such a little ham! Valentine's Day 2013 fashion, I really loved that grey peacoat. I have no idea what happened to it... :(

My flower child! A better look at what her hair is like these days... She's the cutest!

One of her many school outfits, and that pose... Work. It. Out. Girrrrrl.

A more casual school outfit, but just as cute! You'll notice her hairstyles changing a lot as she gets older and her hair longer.

This was a mixture of her style + my style. And I LOVE it!

Riley is getting more and more independent as the weeks go by, soon I won't be able to dress her the way I want. But I hope that she'll at least let me help a little.

Thanks for reading guys,

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