Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My {Secret} Project!

It's not really that much of a secret, but it is to my blog readers and family/friends. Since I like to vlog and watch YouTube videos of other vloggers, I made my family vlog channel 2 years ago. I would post vlogs of "our life with Riley" (and now Andi) and it would be fun to look back on them and see how much things change.

I then discovered the world of Mommy vlogging! I was sucked in and ended up subscribing to all of these awesome Mommies and instantly wanted to start a channel of my own! At first I was excited and had all of these ideas that I started writing down. After I posted my 1st video, I started to feel a little embarrassed and even thought about deleting the channel. The next day I started to get all of these emails from YouTube saying that "this person" and "this person" have subscribed to my channel. Um, WHAT!? Only 1 video and the Mommies of YouTube have already embraced me! It was a really empowering feeling so I stopped feeling insecure and kept making videos!

I now have 6 videos up, all of which have gotten some awesome feedback. Needless to say, I officially love vlogging (on both channels) and have found another passion, next to blogging.

Click here to subscribe to my mommy YouTube channel- borntobeaSAHM!

and click here to subscribe to our family vlog channel- ourlifewithriley!

I will be doing moving vlogs this weekend, along with more videos on my Mommy channel so subscribe to both and stay tuned!


  1. Aw this is so cool! I'm subscribing for sure :)

  2. Going to go check it out! Thanks for sharing with us at Eco-Kids Tuesday! Please join us again today!

  3. Omg why haven't I seen this yet?!?! I'm definitely spending this morning on your channellllll!!!!! Go Paige!!!!