Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Where Have I Been!? (w/ Link Ups)

 If you follow our family blog, then you may have already seen our {BIG} Announcement post. If not, then let me tell you the good news... WE'RE MOVING! It's bittersweet news really, but we're officially moving into our first family home and couldn't be more excited and proud!

So since we've found that out we've been really busy finding furniture, decorations, home appliances, and anything else you might need when you get your own place. I have also been working on a "secret" project that I haven't announced yet but decided, what the heck, I'll just announce that today too!

Anyway, since I'm back from an almost month long break, I decided to link up with some blogs :) I have done this once before, and was able to post the link ups on my blog as well, but these ones were different so I'll just post the links to the blogs here and here. So be sure to check it out and link up!

Feels good to be back, hope you guys didn't miss me too much ;P

Until next time,

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