Friday, February 1, 2013

The Foodie in Me: Homemade Salsa (Using 4 Ingredients!)

Now when I say homemade I don't mean that I grew the chilies or cilantro myself, or squeezed tomatoes to make tomato sauce- I mean the recipe is "homemade" that got passed down to me by Ruben's grandma. It is super easy to make and especially delicious!

 Step 1: With 1 oz. of water, mix the garlic and chiles together in a bowl until most of the chiles have dissolved. (I like to smash the garlic a little first, before I add the water)

Step 2: optional Dice cilantro- you can leave it the way it is, I like to chop it up.
Step 3: Add garlic and chiles to the tomato sauce and garnish with cilantro!

Smashed garlic
I use the end of our ice cream scooper to mix the chiles and garlic together- I find this the easiest way.
Should look something like this when you're done mixing


Hope you try this recipe, enjoy! :)


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