Monday, February 11, 2013

Sunday Funday: San Juan Capistrano & A BFF Dinner!

I normally leave posts like these for my other blog, but I felt this one was special and wanted to share it with my mommy blog readers :)
 Yesterday, 2/10/2013, I took the train with my mini fam to downtown San Juan Capistrano! It was really fun, and exciting- Riley has been wanting to go on a train and we were able to take her to the park and walk around and look at some shops before it got really cold and started raining! We only had an hour and half there because the train going back home left soon after we got there, but I don't think we needed much more time. When I got home, I left again for dinner with my best friend! She took me to get my nails done and to East Side Mario's for an early birthday/Valentine's Day celebration. It was really yummy, and we got so much food! I don't think we realized how much it was going to be until we got everything. We ordered stuffed mushrooms for an appetizer, a salad, and we both got chicken piccata. It was SO good! Thanks again, BFF ;)


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