Friday, January 18, 2013

{Friday Favorites} January 18, 2013

Friday sure did come fast! I've been so busy with all these babies, I barely have time to sleep! :P Okay, that may be a bit dramatic... but these little girls sure do keep me busy. But that's better than having nothing to do, right?

Here are my favorites of the week:

Favorite Movie (Pitch Perfect)
 I tend to gravitate towards movies with singing in it. Why? I'll never know. I've loved movies like this since I was a little girl. (My 1st and all time favorite being Grease!) This movie was funny and cute; definitely something you could enjoy with your best friend!

Favorite Outing (Kids Concepts U.S.A- look out for our vlog this Sunday to see some clips from our visit!)
 I wanted to take Riley and my niece somewhere they could play inside, but doing something different that they couldn't do at home. I initially thought of a place like Pump It Up where they could bounce around and burn off some energy, but we ended up finding out about this place (one of my mommy friends had blogged about it on her family blog) and brought them here instead! And I'm glad we did, they had tons of fun! And there were so many different things you could do that you wouldn't normally find at a Chuck E Cheese or bounce house.

Favorite Online Purchase (NARS Albatross from Sephora)

For the longest time I wanted to find a really pretty, but subtle, highlighter. I had heard of so many but never tried any. For Christmas I got a gift card to Sephora, so I went in to the store and swatched a whole bunch of the "popular" ones but ended up not liking any. I found out about Albatross from one of the beauty gurus on YouTube (DulceCandy87) and ended up liking this one the best because it's not super sparkly and it doesn't have a pink tint to it like most of the other highlighters I swatched did.

*Pin of the Week* (Well, it's actually a whole board of pins!)
All week I've been pinning like crazy on my "For Our Home" board. Ruben and I are planning on moving out into our first home soon and as exciting as it is, it's also a bit nerve wrecking! Pinterest has helped find some really awesome ways to decorate and some inexpensive and cute DIY projects that I can't wait to try out! Wish us luck! ;)

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  1. Kid Concepts is so cute! I'm glad you guys liked it! And I also used to be subscribed to DulceCandy87 but I thought she looked a little too much like you-know-who so I was disgusted and I unsubscribed haha! That beauty guru is probably such a sweetie but oh well haha

    1. It was so much fun! Super cute, did you know they host sleep overs for birthday parties!? Crazy! LOL!!! You're so funny... I loved her Halloween tutorials. She's a good MUA.