Monday, December 3, 2012

Toddler Schedule

I'm not sure if all moms reach a point in their child's life where their daily schedules start to get out of a "normal routine" and into a big jumbled mess of toys all over the place, late nap times and even later bed times... but we have definitely gotten to that point.

For 2 years Riley and I had a good daily routine going. I didn't have her on a specific "schedule", we just kind of made up our own as we went along and it worked for us. And I could always count on her taking a nap and going to be around the same time. After I had Andi we all had a lot of adjusting to do and I feel Riley has had the hardest time getting back into her normal routine. Especially since Ruben has been home with us, she always wants to play with him or just be around us instead of occasionally playing quietly in her room like she would or taking a nap when it was time to. And so I've decided it was time to write out a schedule in hopes of restoring our days back to normalcy.

I plan on making this into a visual board for her (and the rest of us) to look at and remind us of what we will be doing, but for now I have it written out like so:

Riley's Daily Schedule
9am: Breakfast
930am-10am: Morning Show
10am-1030am: Go for A Walk
1030am-11am: Bath
11am-12pm: Snack/Arts & Crafts
12pm-1215pm: Clean Up

1215pm: Lunch
1245pm-1pm: Chores with Mommy
1pm-2pm: Indoor/Outdoor Activity
2pm-4pm: Nap Time
4pm-5pm: Snack/Quiet Activity

5pm-6pm: Free Time *Riley's Choice*
6pm-7pm: Dinner
7pm-8pm: Family Time
8pm-830pm: Read Books
830pm-930pm: Night Time Show

For now, Riley is still napping. I know that dreadful day will come when she will no longer need or want to take a nap, but until then I will enjoy the few hours of rest I get a day. This is what works best for us as a family, obviously not every family is the same.

For all the other stay-at-home moms that come across this blog post, I would love to hear about what your days look like! Share it in the comments! :)

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