Friday, December 7, 2012

{DIY} Kids Felt Christmas Tree

A couple months ago I pinned a felt Christmas tree that I found on Pinterest and I couldn't WAIT to make one for Riley! Last year she wasn't too bad with getting into the tree, but she wasn't in her terrible two's then! To save myself the trouble this year, I thought it would be perfect to make Riley her very own Christmas tree that she could decorate over and over again.

The best part, it only cost me $10! It would've been a little cheaper, but I of course overdid it with the felt colors... whoops :)

-1 yard of green felt
-18 sheets of assorted colors (you don't actually need this many, just depends on how creative you want to get)
-Fabric glue or a glue gun
-Velcro (I got this just in case, felt actually sticks to felt!)

What I Did:
 Step 1: On the yard of green felt, outline how you would like your tree to look. I chose a simple triangle, didn't wanna get too fancy. Then I cut it out and put it to the side.

Step 2: Next, I made the presents that I would later glue on to the bottom of the tree. (See photo below)

Step 3: Cut circles using the assorted colors you chose, I only cut 2 of each color because I had so many colors. Also because I made the circles somewhat large.

Step 4: Decorate the circles to look like ornaments! I only decorated 1 of each color- it started to get a little time consuming with 2 little babes that always want Mommy's attention!

Step 5: Glue your presents to the bottom of the tree. I also cut out a star and glued that to the top as well.

Step 6: Hang your tree wherever your heart desires and decorate away!

*TIP: For easy access, I taped a ziplock bag (upside down) next to the tree so Riley could open it herself and play whenever she wanted.

I had a lot of fun making this AND it was super easy to do! I didn't end up needing to use the velcro because the ornaments stuck nicely to the tree. Hope some of you other mommas out there also decide to make this for your little ones :)

Original source: Johnny In A Dress


  1. how cute is this??? i'll have to pin it and remember for when we have kids! love your cute blog and now following you! xo
    PS enter our giveaway!

    1. thank you so much! your future little ones will love it :) following yous as well. happy holidays!